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Donating to Research

Today, there is no prevention or cure but there is HOPE for tomorrow! MARC researchers are making important strides in finding a cure and you can help them find it!

Please click the link below to make a donation.

Together the Jewish General Hospital and The Neuro are working together to find a cure. Their collaborative efforts will help to ensure success towards this common goal.

With the Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI) acting as trustee for MARC, you will receive a full tax receipt issued from them.

The money that you donate will go directly towards Alzheimer research. Funds will be allocated annually through a scientific community made up primarily of Dr. Alan Evans, Dr. Andrea Leblanc and Dorothy Reitman.

If you would like to speak with someone about making a more substantial donation to Alzheimer research please call us:

Profile Image of Claude Krynski

Claude Krynski

Principal Director, Development, Jewish General Hospital
514.340.8222 ext. 5838

Profile Image of Wendy Sculnick

Wendy Sculnick

The Neuro Development Office
3801 University st
Montreal, QC H3A 2B4


Dorothy's Story

"It all made me wonder what is going to happen to future victims of Alzheimer’s which is turning into an epidemic disease, if not a pandemic, and who was going to cover the exorbitant costs? Would our government be able to afford it? The statistics re the number of future victims are overwhelming! "

Together We Can Make A Difference