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Game of Thrones Online Slots – Free Spins Choice and 243 Ways to Win

It is well-known already that HBO-based online casino slots are the best of the best when it comes to the gambling experience. You get to enjoy, on the one hand, the familiar and beloved characters you already know from you screen, with the unique soundtrack you enjoy most, and on the other hand the game always keeps surprising you. Once you reach your most favourite slots online you find the great benefits and rewards that make it all payout.

So, what are the rewards at Game of Thrones online slots game? Many! Let alone the WILD and Scatter symbols that make your whole gambling experience much easier and more rewarding when it comes to credits, you can easily win up to 121,000.00 coins in 243 different ways during your game. Free Spins will be gained and you will enjoy the great feature of the Free Spins Choice every time! Of course, these are not the only things you will have, and BIG WIN is another benefit you can enjoy from, alongside versified gambling versions and methods. What are you waiting for? Join us now!

Gambling Methods? Of Which Kind?

Well, at Game of Thrones online slots you can know for sure the power is in your hands. Besides the multiple features that let you constantly know what is going on with your credits and rewards, you can even decide how to bet your money. The + and – buttons will allow you to determine before each spin begins if to make your next deposit higher or lower (or even constant). It is important to mention that the higher you deposit, the bigger your chances to win get. But the bottom line is, that no matter what your initial betting amount is, it should never stay constant if it doesn't fit you anymore. Feel free to try things out!

WILD and Scatter – the Fundamental Symbols

No casino game will ever be prefect without them and you better get familiar with those symbols quickly. If you ever thought your symbols can't make it, and not enough credits are being won, this situation can easily change with the aid of WILD. When two identical symbols appear next to each other, at most cases you will not be highly credited. However, the WILD symbol can make things different (and better) for you. WILD serves as a joker and then it takes the place of the third symbol, once it appears on the right place on the reels. By doing so, a "three of a kind" is being produced and many additional credits are gained for you. Four of a kind and five of a kind can be quickly won by using the very same method of WILD. The only limitation on this symbol is with Scatter – Scatter cannot be replaced by WILD.

Scatter is a very unique symbol of its own, since it can change the whole way you gain credits during the game. With three, four and even five adjacent symbols on your reels the wonderful free spins bonus will be applied in your game. This benefit will allow you to enjoy a greater possibility to gain additional credits while you are not required to deposit at all.

BIG WIN and FREE SPINS CHOICE – the Royal Benefits of the Thrones


This is your road to success! If the symbol of BIG WIN appears on the reels when you play the game, the already gained victory of some other symbols winning your spin will be quickly enlarged and more credits will be added to your payline. The purpose of this symbol is to make any regular win into a great and BIG win! Enjoy!

Free Spins Choice

First of all, it is substantially important to focus on your experience, since it will be unforgettable. No matter which choice you make on your free spins, be sure you will have something completely different from the regular game (during which you have 243 ways to win). The Free Spins are characterized with different music, theme, features and other benefits from the regular game. Once you embark on your free spins nothing stays the same and excitement rises constantly!

Once the Free Spins mode gets into action, you have the ability to pick one of four different ways the spins will be applied. Each option will give you a different number of Free Spins and will contain other rewards.

The first option is called the House Baratheon and contains 8 Free Spins. On the Baratheon option you can enjoy a 5X multiplier and the Baratheon Sigil symbol is stacked 3 up for you.

Your Second option of Free Spins is called House Lannister and this option rewards you with 4X multiplier. This option does not have additional prominent surprises besides the House Lannister Sigil symbol that is stacked 4 up.

The House Stark us your third option and here you can enjoy no less than 14 Free Spins. This option contains the Stark symbol that is stack 5 up and your multiplier will be 3X.

Last but not least, you have the House Targaryen option. This one has the most Free Spins you can enjoy from (18, to be exact) with the lowest multipliers (2X). However, you will be able to enjoy the House Targaryen symbol stacked 6 up.

Are you still here? Your benefits are incredible and the rewards you SUPER unique! So go quickly and use both the free mode slots play and play for real to maximize your opportunities at this game!