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Jurassic Park Online Slots – Get ready for $95,000 and Crazy rewards!

Some people like it WILD, extreme and unexpected. Some know that once they are looking for their favourite online casino slots games it's only a matter of novelty and innovation. Others, however, put their best effort in finding the most unique and fantastic casino – games – benefits. No matter which sort of gambler you are, you are sure to be satisfied with the top rated Jurassic Park slots game.

On the benefits side, you can expect 243 different ways to win, ability to achieve up to $95,000 during the game, Free Spins and the Free Spins Choice gambling feature, 35 EXTRA WILDS and many other great rewards you will surely be highly content to know they are yours.

On the creativity and novelty side, you will enjoy top animations that make the symbols and the whole screen come to life when you win your spin and even on random occasions, with the added flavour of great music, effects and other special treats. No matter what it is you are looking for, you will find it at this top Canadian online slots!

What's So WILD about This WILD game?

WILD is probably the best symbol ever existing on slots casino games and therefore it serves as one of the most basic symbols here, at Jurassic Park. The WILD symbol is a symbol that can substitute all others not including Scatter. Although in regular occasions, two adjacent (and identical, of course) symbols are not capable of creating a spin – win, with the aid of WILD it becomes possible. WILD can take the place of the missing symbol (by acting as a joker) and so creating a three of a kind, letting you win credits that originally could not be gained. Similarly, three of a kind with an adjacent WILD can become four of a kind, and four of a kind with an adjacent WILD can become five of a kind; two examples to how your gained credits can quickly become more than was previously possible.


Scatter is the second basic symbol, after all it is the only one that cannot be replaced by the WILD and there is a great reason for that. Although often times when you play for real, your most fundamental rush will come from depositing and winning some the real money (or spinning once more for the money to come), there are also ways for you to gain some credits without putting your money on the "roulette". This way is implemented with the aid of Scatter. Scatter, by appearing three, four or five times on the reels can benefit you with the Free Spins Feature. However, when it comes to Jurassic Park, the Free Spins have an interesting twist.


Beware! You’re alert is coming with the unexpected T REX feature! This feature is a one you will most probably never find on other slots games and its uniqueness cones from its activation in what is called the "alert mode". Once the alert mode is activated and the T REX alert is being used, 35

The alert of the T rex is a great benefit you are most likely to find it only at Jurassic Park! This wonderful treat causes the activation of what is called the "alert mode" that very significantly increases your chances of winning extra 35 WILDs on all of the five reels!

Wait, Wait, This Whole Concept is Totally New to Me. Am I ready to Deposit?

Well, we have a great way to help you figure this out. If you get the feeling you are not yet ready to deposit and put your money on the unexpected and unknown spins and benefits, you can play in free mode and thus get much experienced with everything. Playing in free mode will allow you to deposit demo credits on the one hand, and get experienced with the large variety of rewards existing on Jurassic Park online slots on the other. Whenever you feel you are ready to start playing for real you can easily do so by exiting the game and starting a new one or simply pressing one of the banners on the screen. The real game will embark on immediately and you will win all the fun! 

Okay, Now I'm ready! Tell Me about the Free Spins Choice!

Well, first of all it is important to understand the free spins themselves. The Free Spins are the great benefit that allows your payline credits merely increase with spins going by. When the Free Spins begin the whole gaming atmosphere changes in relation to music, background theme, colour and so on. You can always be aware of your credits with the credits box on screen and the excitement is impossible to be prevented!

Now, the most unique gambling experience on Jurassic Park lets you enjoy no less than 5 Free Spins of your choice! You can have one of the following: The Velociraptor, The Tyrannosaurus Rex, The Tricerators, The Bachiosaurus or even The Dilophsaurus. Each of these choices contains a different number of Free Spins, different additional rewards and different surprises included. At the beginning of the Free Spins you will get the chance to pick the one you like and put your hands on the treat. Of course, the next time the Free Spins bonus will be applied by the Scatter, you will be able to opt a different Free Spins Choice and try out something new! Never stop investigatring!