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The Ball Goes Click, Click, Click as it Spins around the Roulette Wheel

The game of roulette was likely invented by a bored monk in a French monastery about three centuries ago.  The name means “little wheel” but the size of the wheel plays no role in the game.  It is, of course, a long-standing practice to play roulette with money.  However, the game has been played with many diverse mediums of exchange including chocolate!

Roulette Strategies

Online roulette has no correct strategy.  It’s appeal comes from the slew of betting options, the spinning wheel, and the relatively low house edge in European or French Roulette.  The reason that there are no true strategies when you play roulette online is because the Random Number Generator (RNG) determines all spins.  There are no patterns to find because presence of the RNG guarantees the integrity of the game.  The RNG is one of the things companies like eCogra check when they make their periodic visits to online casinos.

Physical wheels can be altered to make one type of bet win more often than another.  In this day of instant communication, any land-based casino that tried to alter a physical roulette wheel would be exposed immediately and would lose its reputation almost as quickly.

There is one betting strategy that has some devoted followers but is a risky strategy because you double your bet after every loss.  This strategy only works with the even money bets.  The idea is that if you lose your bet, the odds are that you’ll win the next bet so by doubling your bet, you break even.  Online, the RNG ruins this strategy because every spin is random.  There is no such thing as “the odds are” in a RNG controlled game.  Furthermore, by doubling your bet every time you lose you actually put yourself under the gun for a very big bet if you lose a few spins in a row.  High rollers may be able to handle such a circumstance but average players probably not so much.

So the true appeal of online roulette is that it’s fun!

The Large Number of Roulette Bets Add to the Excitement

Players place their bets on the roulette table.  When all bets are set the croupier closes betting and spins the wheel.

The basic even money bets are:

  • Red or Black. 
  • Even or odd.
  • 1-18 or 19-36

Now look closely at the table. 

  • There are three long rows of numbers spaced three numbers apart.  You can bet on a row by placing your chip at the right end of the row.
  • There are 12 vertical columns with three consecutive numbers in each column.  You can bet on a column by placing your chip at the bottom of the column.
  • You can bet on number pairs by placing the chip on the line separating the numbers.
  • You can bet on four numbers by placing the chip on the corner of those four numbers.
  • You can bet on the first third of the numbers, the second third, or the last third.
  • In American Roulette, you can bet on 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3 by placing the chip on the line between those five numbers.
  • You can bet on six numbers by placing the chip on the bottom line of two columns and also on the corner of those two columns.

American Roulette and European Roulette

There are three main varieties of online roulette.  Regardless of which of the three is Canadians’ favourite online roulette, the fun and thrill of online roulette is always present!  The most common are American and European.  The basic difference between the two is that the American Roulette table has 00 and 0 while the European Roulette table only has 0.  The difference makes the house edge in European Roulette half the house edge in American roulette.

A variation of European Roulette is French Roulette.  The French Roulette is the same as the European but, in French Roulette there is a special rule called en prison.  This rule applies only to even money bets.  If the table offers this rule and you have made an even money bet and 0 comes up, your bet is “imprisoned”!  This is not the old American Wild West.  Here being imprisoned is a good thing.  The bet carries over to the next spin.  If your original bet wins the next spin, you get your bet back but you don’t get the even money payout.  If your original bet loses, you lose the bet.  If 0 comes up again, your bet is held in prison again!

Roulette is Popular at Live Casinos

All online casinos that have made arrangements for a Live Casino offer roulette.  You can choose a regular, attractive croupier or choose to have a Playboy Bunny serve as your croupier.  In any case, you can interact with the croupier.

Mobile is the New Horseless Carriage

Mobile has become an active part of everyone’s life.  The enhanced definition of modern mobile screens makes playing roulette on mobile more fun than ever!

Progressive Jackpots Can Soar to Great Heights

Many online casinos offer progressive jackpots at their roulette tables.  The wins can reach stunning levels!

There are Some Strange Varieties of Roulette

You can play multi-wheel or even multi-ball roulette.  Some online games offer exotic bets.  When you play online roulette, there is a link that drops down the rules of that specific game.  It’s always a good idea to know the rules of the specific variety of roulette you are playing!

The Spinning Wheel and Clicking Ball

Roulette players love the anticipation inherent in the spinning wheel.  Some love to make many different bets.  But keep in mind that some bets actually contradict other bets!  Whether you let it all ride on a single number or prefer the even money bets, roulette will keep you entertained and excited for a long time!