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Vancouver Based Hardrock Casino

The Hard Rock Casino is considered much more than just another casino in British Columbia. Formerly known as the Boulevard Casino it has maintained its good name for not just table games but also all of the Hard Rock slots machines with over 1000 games to choose from making it a real competition for the Surry online gaming or as some would say, a true compliment offering players both a land based casino experience and a Surrey online casino experience. At the Hard Rock Casino there are hundreds of games to choose from with over 1000 Hard Rock slot machines in the games lobby. Apart from slots players are able to enjoy one of the 70 table games that include blackjack, roulette craps and baccarat.  There are 12 tables in the poker rooms where experienced poker players can find their match by registering for a game and enjoying a superb setting for a game of poker. There is also a special high limit room for the really experienced players who like to bet big on the table games.

Restaurants and Shows at Hardrock Casino

The Hard Rock slot machines and table games are without a doubt one of the main attractions at the Hardrock Casino but there is plenty more on offer. Every weekend there are different shows offered with many available during the week, allowing players to enjoy a few of their favorite games before the show and then continue afterwards. And, if they are hungry there are eight different themed restaurants to choose from including the Asylum, Unlisted and the Stake. Each and every restaurant offers its own special unique dishes, style and service but they all compliment the overall excellence that the Hard Rock Casino exudes.  Apart from the restaurants and bars there is also a special designer shop for exclusive clothing and a souvenir shop that sells anything a person could want. Getting to the casino is very easy as it is located very close to the River Fraser on route 1 and there are free shuttles every hour from Braid Street sky train station. The casino is open 24 hours a day for all visitors.

Promotions and Special Offers at the Hardrock Casino

The Hard Rock Casino offers many special promotions and offers to its visitors. These can all be viewed in the special promotions calendar where visitors can also see the dates that each of the different shows and guest performers will be appearing at the casino. The different promotions offered at the Hardrock Casino include special slots tournaments, swipe and win competitions and double your jackpot offers together with set for life bonus payouts. Details of each particular promotion can be found on the website of the casino in addition to details being posted at the casino itself.  The promotions are voluntary but it is recommended to take at least one of these in order to enhance the gaming time at the casino and the amount of money that the player has to use at the casino. Playing slots tournaments is also incredibly fun and everyone likes a challenge.

The Hardrock Casino offers visitors an all-round experience that includes games of every style, size and for every aptitude, generous promotions and an incredible environment where players can eat well, relax watching one of the excellent shows and even find parking easily thanks to the undercover parking areas that have room for 1600 vehicles. The casino is located close to the Fraser River offering great views and a general beautiful countryside with green fields all around. The Hardrock Casino is an all-round land based casino offering anything and everything that a casino player could ask for.