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Playtime Gaming

If you’re ready to play, then Playtime Gaming is the place to be. They have six Playtime locations around British Columbia and each one offers you a great chance to play at a land based casino and to have a blast as you do so. Playtime Gaming Inc. is a private company that has partnered with the BC Lottery Corporation. They offer the up to the minute latest slot machines, full service restaurants, bars and even entertainment. There is something for absolutely everyone here and everyone can enjoy the gaming choices, the food, the entertainment and the overall atmosphere at these locations.

Giving Back

It’s important to understand, when you play Playtime slots machines, that they give back a great deal as well. In partnership with the BCLC, they generate an amazing $49.5 million each year and they employ over 300 people who are all local. The net profits that Playtime Gaming generates help to fund health care, education and other programs in the area. So this means that, when you are playing Playtime bingo, and having a great time, you are also giving back to the community and helping those around you.

The Beginning

Playtime Gaming started with four commercial bingo centers in British Columbia in 1986. Today, they have six such locations and they are the longest-running operator of gaming facilities of this type in the area. After the BCLC approved for companies to expand beyond bingo, Playtime Gaming expanded to include slot machines, electronic table games, e-gaming bingo and so many other benefits.

Social Gaming

Surrey gambling offers a social gaming experience and a chance to hang out with friends. While online gaming is fun – being at the Playtime locations allows the player to soak it all in and to be with friends. You can meet others to share fun times, enjoy awesome live entertainment, eat dinner and have some fun with Playtime bingo and other games. It’s the perfect way to spend a girls night out or to have a bachelor’s party, among many other ideas. They have a large selection of games that allow every player to enjoy something and to find something to his liking. Whether this is Playtime slots machines, blackjack or bingo, there is something for every player.

Food, Fun and More

The Playtime Gaming experience is a night of entertainment rolled up into one location. Sure you can go out to dinner. But then you won’t have the live entertainment and the games. Sure, you can go to a concert, but then you won’t have the food and the games. And sure, you can sit at home and play games, but then you won’t have the entertainment and the food. Here, you have all of these activities rolled into one location and it’s an experience not to be missed.

Food Choices

The food choices are delicious at the various locations. They have the Coasters Bar + Bistro that has a casual menu. There is also the Coasters Express where players in need of a snack or a drink can get what they want. They have an Express counter where people can pick something up and take it right back to their gaming location. They have snacks, small meals and beverages that people can enjoy. Next, some of the locations have the Red 21 Gaming Tap and Grill. They have many big screen HDTVs and this is a place to relax, kick up your feet and have a great time.